Pascale lion Collection

Unique long necklace in light color.
Light color: shades from blond to warm gray, polished and lightly steamed stainless steel 
Fine mesh and beautiful width, a collar with a strong presence.
The OOOO collection is made in Chainmail, formed of small assembled rings. 

- Avoid contact with sea or swimming pool water. - Remove your jewelry for your sports practices, gardening, or washing dishes. - Avoid contact with chemicals. - Cleaning: possibly slightly soapy water and drying with a soft, lint-free cloth. - A pouch or box is provided with each jewelry, use them to store your jewelry separately. - The label supplied with each piece of jewelry includes an important warning: “The necklaces and belts are very resistant. Do not wear them when you risk hanging them up (sports activity or in connection with a machine). Do not let young children play with it ”.
Made in France, with the greatest care.


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